The death of a dog named Canon in the Halal tourist area of ​​Pulau Panjang, Pulau Banyak sub-district, Aceh Singkil has been in the spotlight of a number of parties.

Animal lovers and artists also protested the way the Satpol PP evacuated the dog, which was allegedly tortured.

In the video uploaded to the Instagram account @rosayeoh, the Aceh Singkil Satpol PP officer is seen directing the wood with a forked end to subdue the dog.

Animal protection activists urge Aceh Governor Nova Iriansyah regarding the case of the death of a Canon dog in Aceh Singkil by Satpol PP.
In his Instagram account, the Sarana Metta Indonesia Foundation urged the Governor of Aceh Nova Iriansyah to hold those involved in the death of the Canon dog responsible.

In the open letter, there are several statements made by the foundation. First, the Sarana Metta Indonesia Foundation together with Albert Riyadi and the Partners Law Firm regretted the dog’s death and demanded the Head of the Aceh Singkil Regional Police Headquarters to apologize and promise not to repeat the torture.

His party also demanded that the relevant Satpol PP officers apologize to the public and be given disciplinary sanctions.

In addition, as reported by, the Director of Haris Azhar also voiced his protest. is an initiative created by Haris Azhar that puts forward research and data to deal with various matters concerning human and animal rights.

Although the Satpol PP and the local government tried to clarify with various reasons, Haris considered the evacuation method to cause the death of the Canon dog to be unjustified.

“If it is true that they have been tortured, all the perpetrators and those who are responsible must be brought to justice. Whatever the reason, violence against animals cannot be justified!” said Haris in Jakarta, Tuesday (12/26/2021).

According to Haris, halal tourism is a concept that can be built, as long as the principle is not to injure living things that have been in that place first.

“And in Islam also in its fiqh it is also regulated how to behave well with fellow creatures of Allah. So in my opinion, in the development of halal tourism, let alone torturing dogs and killing them, it’s also not allowed to expel dogs. Moreover, to treat badly living creatures or pets such as dogs,” he said.

Reflecting on the Canon dog case, Haris said that this means that the local government is not ready to develop tourism.

“People want to act in the name of Islam, but they don’t understand that Islam protects life, not only humans but also all living and animate things, animals and plants. So when Noah built a ship, he brought all the animals in pairs including dogs, what for and why should animals be brought? So that it can reproduce and so that humans learn from it,” he said.

Haris also admitted that he was worried that this incident would re-emerge because the office holders were lazy to increase literacy.

The laziness of local officials to formulate rules on behavior, the lack of understanding of officials and people there seemed to justify the behavior of cruel acts against dogs.

“Turkey is just an example, there are many places that have given good examples. Just look at Northern Europe, although it is not a sharia country, not an Islamic country, but from various surveys they are called the most Islamic countries that always uphold Islamic values. Yes, there is nothing like our society with bad stories about Dogs,” he said.

Regarding the protest plan for foreign tourists who boycotted halal tourism after Canon’s death, Haris said the protest was not against the dog, but rather the character of the state apparatus.

“That’s it, foreign tourists really respect the rights of animals to live, so if this will result in rejection from abroad, the solution must be immediately reformed. It’s useless to talk about the rise of tourism due to the pandemic, if there is such a vile behavior by Satpol PP elements. Remember, if the behavior of animals is already cruel, it must be with other humans too,” he said.