By: Emmanuel Ariananto Waluyo Adi


Geographically, Indonesia is an archipelagic country located at the confluence of four tectonic plates, namely the Asian Continent plate, the Australian Continent plate, the Indian Ocean plate and the Pacific Ocean. In the southern and eastern parts of Indonesia there is a volcanic belt, the sides of which are old volcanic mountains and lowlands which are partly dominated by swamps. These conditions have the potential and are prone to disasters such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and landslides. In this case the government is responsible for disaster management, because disasters (whether caused by natural and or non-natural factors, as well as by human factors), environmental damage, property losses and psychological impacts, greatly affect the welfare of the community. The government’s responsibility is in accordance with the Preamble to the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia which mandates that: “The government or the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia protects the entire nation and the entire homeland of Indonesia, promotes public welfare, educates the nation’s life and participates in carrying out world order based on independence. , lasting peace and social justiceā€.

Currently, the advancement of information and communication technology is growing rapidly and increasingly penetrates into all aspects of life. Social media is one part that has changed the human paradigm in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0. The media is not only a means of communication, but is also used for many purposes, ranging from simply interacting, advertising, conflict management, to disaster management. In January 2021, the number of social media users reached 4.2 billion. The average Indonesian spends three hours and 14 minutes a day accessing social media. The most frequently used social media are YouTube, WhatsApp and Instagram. The time spent by WhatsApp users in Indonesia is around 30.8 hours per month, Instagram 17 hours per month, YouTube 25.9 hours per month. Based on these data, it shows that the majority of the time Indonesians also access social media.

Social media that can be used to chat, upload pictures, and promote something in this case is Instagram. Instagram is a social networking application with photo sharing, in detail it can be defined as a mobile application based on iOS, Android and Windows Phone where users can shoot, edit and post photos or videos to the main page of Instagram and other social networks. Instagram has the concept of social media stories in the form of a feature that allows users to send photos and videos with a duration of about 15 seconds which disappear after 24 hours which can be used for advertisements in the form of Instagram Ads which are easily accessed by all levels of society, the majority of whom have Instagram accounts and gadgets according to the data above. . In Indonesia, the number of Instagram users until July 2021 is 91.77 million users. Instagram already has 1 million active advertisers. With the number of users continuing to increase, Instagram is a great opportunity for business people to carry out promotional activities, including the government which seeks to promote disaster mitigation, so that Instagram can be used as an accurate marketing strategy for the government in the form of products and services, namely government policies in providing services to consumers. public.

In this case, the majority of their respective government institutions already have social media accounts, especially Instagram to socialize government programs, but the focus in this case is socialization with Instagram ads to insert and market disaster mitigation videos briefly and creatively attract social media users to disaster mitigation information is conveyed. To use the Instagram ads feature, you need advertising costs. In 2020, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology is preparing an advertising budget post for the Committee for the Handling of Covid-19 and the National Economic Recovery (KPC PEN). The Minister of Communications and Informatics said that the advertising spending will be carried out through national and local media until the end of the year, advertising spending through this media will later be budgeted through the reallocation of the 2020 State Budget Implementation List for the KPC PEN sector to DIPA Kominfo.

Disaster Mitigation Counseling

The community’s coping mechanism is formed and born from experience, knowledge, understanding, and meaning of every event, phenomenon, hope and problem that occurs around it. The mechanism is passed on through the process of socialization from generation to generation and its implementation depends on the level of quality of understanding and its implications in their lives. Disaster management is all efforts or activities carried out in the context of prevention, mitigation, preparedness, emergency response and recovery related to disasters carried out before, during, and after a disaster. (Law No.24 of 2007 concerning Disaster Management). Disaster Management Activities are basically a series of activities both before, during and after a disaster that is carried out to prevent, reduce, avoid and recover from the impact of disasters.

The government has established the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB). This agency is a Non-Departmental Government Institution (LPND) which has the task of assisting the President in coordinating the planning and implementation of integrated disaster and emergency management activities, as well as carrying out disaster and emergency management starting from before, during, and after a disaster which includes prevention, preparedness, emergency response, and recovery. BNPB has specific duties including:

  • Provide guidelines and directions for disaster management efforts that include disaster prevention, emergency response management, rehabilitation, and reconstruction in a fair and equal manner;
  • Delivering information on disaster management activities to the public;

Submission of this information can be done creatively with the existing budget through Instagram ads.

Creative Disaster Mitigation Video Socialization using Instagram Ads
Guidelines for the use of social media are contained in the Regulation of the Minister for Empowerment of State Apparatus and Bureaucratic Reform of the Republic of Indonesia Number 83 of 2012 concerning Guidelines for the Utilization of Social Media in Government Agencies. The social media ethics include:

  1. Submit and receive true, precise and accurate public information.
  2. Implement public information disclosure in accordance with the provisions of the legislation.

One form of Instagram social media service, namely Instagram ads, which requires special consideration of the supply of funds for disaster mitigation advertising services. For funds, as the information above has been provided and will be implemented by Kominfo. In essence, what is being done in this case is part of advertising in general, where the government advertises a form of service in the form of conveying information on disaster mitigation policies. The definition of advertising is a communication process that aims to persuade or lead people to take action that is beneficial to the advertiser. Advertising is an advanced communication process that brings audiences to the most important information they really need to know. Because the government pays for advertising, it can choose the appropriate media for the installation or serving of ads, so that the messages in it can reach the intended target group in this case through Instagram Ads media. The technical procedure for using Instagram ads will appear on everyone’s Instagram account feed or Instagram stories.The advantages of using Instagram ads are:

  1. The ads displayed on Instagram Ads don’t seem aggressive like those displayed by other social media platforms
  2. adopts a targeting system similar to that applied by social media Facebook, which allows users to be able to get information about a specific target market that may include location, age, gender, hobbies, and so on.
  3. provides several types of ad format variations from photos, videos, and also carousels.
  4. such a significant influence in promotion is the availability of features to increase engagement consisting of buttons such as follow, visit the website, or download the application.


To increase public understanding of disaster mitigation, the government must be creative and aggressively convey related information, such as through social media where the majority of Indonesian people can access it. Social media plays a role in every stage of disaster management, from mitigation, response, and post-disaster recovery. In this context, social media is a liaison between official institutions and the public and other stakeholders. This has made it easier to handle crises caused by disasters and opened up as many opportunities as possible to reduce disaster risk. that Instagram has the potential to be used as a socialization medium. The social media that is considered optimal for doing this is Instagram through the Instagram ads feature which is simple to understand because it can be used to chat, post, or video calls so that it is convenient. Implementers from the government in this case are in accordance with statutory regulations and information on the existing budget, namely BNPB and Kominfo must actively coordinate with other agencies. Of course, preventive measures against risks arising from natural disasters require cooperation from various parties, ranging from relevant agencies to enter the community line


This opinion piece was written by Emmanuel Ariananto Waluyo Adi, Legal Analyst at the Cabinet Secretariat of the Republic of Indonesia. This article is the author’s personal opinion and does not represent the views of the editors of Yuris Muda Indonesia.