A number of former KPK employees took a group photo after being officially dismissed on Thursday (30/9/2021). They made a separation after being dismissed due to being declared not to have passed the TWK. (KOMPAS.com / IRFAN Kamil)

Yuris Muda Indonesia – Polri has issued Regulation of the Indonesian National Police (Perpol) Number 15 of 2021 regarding the recruitment of 57 former KPK employees to become ASN.

“It’s true that the Perpol has been issued,” said Head of the Public Relations Division of the National Police Inspector General Dedi Prasetyo when contacted, Friday (12/3/2021).

Dedi said the Police Regulation had been recorded by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

“It has been recorded in the state sheet by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. The next process will be socialization and together with BKN for the staffing process,” he said.

Furthermore, the National Police will carry out socialization and process the staffing of the former KPK employees with the State Civil Service Agency (BKN). “The next process will be socialization and together with BKN for the staffing process,” he said.

One of the former KPK employees, Hotman Tambunan, welcomed the news and said that the recruitment intentions were getting clearer.

“It’s good when it’s finished, everything will be clear,” said Hotman to detikcom, Friday (12/3/2021).

Hotman said the Police would soon coordinate with his party. It is known that Hotman and 56 other employees, including Novel Baswedan, were fired by the KPK after failing to pass the National Insight Test (TWK).

National Police Chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo signed the regulation on November 29, 2021. There are 10 articles that regulate the appointment of former employees to become Polri ASNs.

The regulation regulates the procedures for the appointment of former KPK employees to become employees in the National Police. A number of conditions contained in Article 6, for example, state that former employees can be appointed, namely those who are listed on the list of proposals based on the identification of positions and competency selection conducted by the HR Assistant of the National Police Chief.

Other requirements, employees must sign a statement that they are willing to become civil servants; loyal and obedient to Pancasila, the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia, the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, and the legitimate government; not involved in organizational activities prohibited by the government and/or court decisions.

As for 57 former KPK employees were dismissed on September 30, 2021. They were fired because they were declared ineligible (TMS) in the National Insight Test (TWK) assessment to become KPK ASN. The names of the fired KPK employees include Novel Baswedan, Harun Al Rasyid, and Yudi Purnomo.


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