Jakarta, 03 July 2021 – The Student Executive Board of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Krisnadwipayana University has held a National Seminar on Research Results with the theme “Social Inclusion Among Disabilities in Bekasi City: Public Service Perspectives” on Thursday (3/7/2021). This event aims to provide recommendations that can be used as a reference to improve the quality of public services and accessibility in public spaces in Bekasi City. This activity was also opened by the Chair of the Bekasi City DPRD, namely H. Chairoman J. Putro, B.Eng., M.Sc., UNKRIS Chancellor, Dr. Ayub Muktiono, M.SiP., CIQaR., and Plt. The Dean of FIA UNKRIS, I Wayan Sugiana, MM.,

BILiC Bandung and the BEM FIA UNKRIS Research Team as resource persons, as well as responders including: Ir. Daradjat Kardono as Commission 2 of the Bekasi City DPRD, Rucipto Danerland, S.T as DBMSDA Staff, Saefudin Zuhri, S.Sos., M.I.P as Academics of BEM FIA UNKRIS, and Paini as Founder of Independent Disability Shelters/Head of HWDI SeBekasi Raya.

The Chancellor of UNKRIS in his speech said that “This research team has implemented the second pillar of higher education, namely research”. He really appreciates the BEM FIA for what has been through the research that has been carried out. Then also the Chair of the Bekasi City DPRD hopes that people with disabilities will get more decent infrastructure. Not only disability, but the wider community also gets it. He said that all levels of society in the world have the right to use public facilities, including people with disabilities.

In 2015 BILiC (Bandung Independent Living Center) the disability community from Bandung has succeeded in submitting a petition to Mr. Ridwan Kamil who was still serving as Mayor of Bandung, because at that time Mr. Ridwan Kamil had made a very good policy or bus stop but the bus stop was not disability friendly. Therefore, BILiC made a petition about discriminatory public facilities in the city of Bandung. Then the petition was responded well by Mr. Ridwan Kamil and further improvements were made to public facilities to become disability-friendly facilities. BILiC in this activity said that, “There are still many parents who lack the knowledge to accompany their children with disabilities. Therefore, BILiC created a class for empowerment and providing information to assist children with disabilities”. On the other hand, in the field of public services, BILiC encourages the government to create disability-friendly health centers, and BILiC also encourages the government to provide services using braille. He also said that “It is nonsense to create disability-friendly facilities without involving persons with disabilities themselves.

The research team also sees that people with disabilities are still often forgotten about and their accessibility is not given enough attention, even though if these people with disabilities are empowered and pay more attention to their accessibility, they can, they can afford it. In fact, it could be more than non-disabled people.

Furthermore, commission 2 of the Bekasi City DPRD said that, “The existing regional regulations or local regulations can be used as a reference for the future”. The results of this study can be used as aspirations for the Bekasi City DPRD to realize a disability-friendly Bekasi City.

Meanwhile, Mr. Saefudin Zuhri said that “This research can be used as a forum or means to convey input to the Bekasi City Government. This is so that all walks of life consider people with disabilities to be part of us as well.”

Meanwhile, the staff of the Department of Highways and Water Resources said that, “The Department of Highways and Water Resources (DBMSDA) is required to provide proper and adequate infrastructure for people with disabilities. However, this development is still constrained by the budget, although that is not a strong reason.” He also added, “Actually there are 2 roads that want to build guiding blocks, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic the construction has been postponed”.

And Mrs. Paini as the head of HWDI said that, “Not a few also think that people with disabilities are a troublesome family burden. In fact, they just want to be given the opportunity to prove to the community that they also have skills and are able to do various things. They just need opportunity not pity. To prove it, it is people with disabilities themselves who have to explore their skills. And also people with disabilities really hope to work together with government agencies and agencies”.