Photo: Valencya is acquitted (Yuda Febrian Silitonga/detikcom).

Yuris Muda Indonesia-The panel of judges of the Karawang District Court (PN) acquitted Valencya (45), a wife who was reported for a domestic violence case. She was found not guilty of violence against her ex-husband, Chan Yu Ching.

“The defendant Valencya has not been proven legally and convincingly guilty of committing a crime as charged by the public prosecutor,” read the verdict read by the presiding judge, Ismail Gunawan.

Vaelncya’s journey to obtain justice bears sweet fruit. The woman who was accused of committing psychological domestic violence after nagging her drunken husband was acquitted by a judge.

The acquittal was read out when Valencya attended the verdict trial at the Karawang District Court (PN) on Thursday (2/12/2021).

The judge’s decision, chaired by Ismail Gunawan, is in accordance with the revised demands of the public prosecutor at the previous trial. At the replica trial, the prosecutor canceled the one year prison sentence to an acquittal.

This acquittal is in line with Valencya’s expectations. The mother of two children is known to have gone through various obstacles in order to get justice.

From the start, this domestic dispute was considered odd. During the trial, Valencya was even sentenced to one year in prison.

This year’s demands are in the spotlight. In the end, the Attorney General’s Office took over the handling of the case. As a result of this, a number of prosecutors were examined. Even the Assistant for General Crime of the West Java Prosecutor’s Office was removed from his position.

It’s not just the prosecutor’s office. This case also dragged the Police environment. The three investigators who handled this case were also examined by the West Java Police Propam.

Valencya found a light on her case at the replica trial. The Public Prosecutor from the Attorney General’s Office who took over the handling of the case finally dropped the previous claim and reclaimed it with an acquittal.

“Based on considerations. The Attorney General as the highest public prosecutor withdrew the public prosecutor’s demands that were read against the defendant Valencya,” said the Public Prosecutor when reading the replica.

The prosecutor then reads out the details of the amended charges. The prosecutor assessed that Valencya was not legally proven to have committed a psychological crime in accordance with Article 45 of the Criminal Code regarding the elimination of domestic violence.

“Freeing the defendant Valencya alias Nengsy Lim from all kinds of charges,” he said.

After the verdict was read, Valencya, who appeared to be wearing a white shirt and a pink mask, couldn’t hold back tears and immediately bowed in gratitude in the courtroom.

To the media crew, he expressed his gratitude and thanks to all those who had defended him. Valencya requested that this case be resolved properly and calmly.

“I beg you, stop it, God is not sleeping. This is not my case the only other case has been reported against me. Please end this, my family and I have suffered enough so far,” Valencya pleaded.